RFT: hdapsd for Intel MacBooks and Hewlett-Packard laptops

After quite some time (last release 01-04-2009), hdapsd got a bit of love. Brice Arnould has contributed some code for Hewlett-Packard laptops (those supported by the hp_accel module, see drivers/hwmon/hp_accel.c) and I finally crossed all lines and wrote support for Apple MacBooks (the Intel ones, via applesmc module, see drivers/hwmon/applesmc.c). The HP code is interesting, as it support a hardware-logic mode, where hdapsd only parks the heads when told so by the HP hardware. As I do not own any compatible hardware, this is only tested by Brice himself. The Apple SMC code isn't tested at all, as I don't have the hardware either. That's why I want YOU to test it further (both, on HP and Apple) and report me bugs (mail to evgeni@debian.org preferred) if you find any :) You can get the latest source either via git from github:

git clone -b new-interfaces git://github.com/evgeni/hdapsd.git
Or from githubs tarball generator: http://github.com/evgeni/hdapsd/tarball/eb711f30395ac9bc682b14c22d8445b7ddf0b4a0 After you got the source, a simple

should produce a src/hdapsd binary, that you can test. I can provide Debian and Ubuntu .debs if needed too.


Stefano Rivera wrote on 2010-03-07 20:55:

Two issues (on my MacBook 2,1)

The applesmc module on my (Ubuntu lucid kernel) machine is /sys/devices/platform/applesmc.768/position

Any sensitivity less than around 200 seems to park the disk in normal usage.

dolph wrote on 2010-03-08 01:29:

tested on hp 6930p and it seems I did not manage to provoke hdd head parking even with sensitivity=1 (verbose mode on). How do I check if parking occured?

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