God save the power

Tonight, we had a longish power failure, and here is what I read in my syslog today:

Jul 3 02:27:16 dorei upsmon[3230]: UPS powermust@localhost on battery
Jul 3 02:57:19 dorei upsmon[3230]: UPS powermust@localhost battery is low
Jul 3 02:57:19 dorei upsd[3225]: Client nut@ set FSD on UPS [powermust]
Jul 3 02:57:19 dorei upsmon[3230]: Executing automatic power-fail shutdown
Jul 3 02:57:19 dorei upsmon[3230]: Auto logout and shutdown proceeding
Jul 3 02:57:24 dorei upsd[3225]: Host disconnected (read failure)
Jul 3 02:57:24 dorei shutdown[31656]: shutting down for system halt
Jul 3 02:57:24 dorei init: Switching to runlevel: 0

So thanks to my UPS and the great network-ups-tools, no data is lost and I just had to power-up my machine again.

Next task: wake over USB when power is there again from the UPS :)


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