because people asked: my irssi advanced windowlist setup

As XTaran and uschebit asked yesterday at the 27C3 about my "nice" windowlist in irssi, here is what I use: Download it, put it into you ~/.irssi/scripts and load it with /script load adv_windowlist. Now you have a list with all those window names in them, but it's still a bit ugly ;)

First of all, get rid of the default Act list of irssi: /statusbar window remove act

Now let's customize awl a bit:

  • Shorten window names to 10 chars, so we can get more windows in one row: /set awl_block = 10 /set awl_sbar_maxlength = ON
  • Display a maximum of 5 rows of windows so irssi is still usable on my Milestone with the 122x30 char screen: /set awl_maxlines = 5
  • Shorten the windowname layout a bit, strip the shortcut display, remove the braces around the window number: /set awl_display_key = $N$H$C$S /set awl_display_nokey = $N$H$C$S

Done! Your irssi should look like this now: