Using with Git

So I got SVN access to, but I hate SVN. Let's just use Git instead of SVN, especially when I already have my plugin as Git on :)

git svn clone -s -r283636

git remote add -f github git://

git merge github/master

git svn dcommit
(note the -r283636 - it's very important, if you ommit it, git svn will fetch 280k revisions which takes ages, if you put it to something AFTER your repo was created, the log will be b0rked*) Done! Now you can work as usual, push to github and commit to svn via dcommit :) PS: Dear Team, you have working SSL, why do you still have http-links in your mails? *: You can find the revision you need by looking at - you need the one when plugin-master created your repo :) Thanks nplus for reminding me about this on XMPP :)


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thenbrent wrote on 2010-10-24 17:27:

Thanks for publishing. It’s nice to be able to use git instead of SVN.

I dream of a github for extend. The WP community would be much better off it was easy to fork/fix/push the plugins of other’s when you find a bug or just want to add a feature.

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