Once I was sittin' on my bed in my room, my laptop on my lap (haha) and chatted over IRC with my girlfriend, who was sitting about 1 meter away in front of my table with her (crappy, windoze, compaq, bullshit) laptop. In this moment I thought: how fucking geeky is this?

Well, last week(end) I saw that was nothing...

As the laptop of my gf is silently dying (the screen mixes up the colors after the boot, all white is pink and it needs some time to normalize - the lcd panel seems dead), I left her my shiny Z61m for typing her "Facharbeit" (dunno how this is called in English, this is some paper you have to write at the end of your school/education/foo). The box is running Debian Sid, Xfce, and stuff, some Windoes XP is there too, but there is no office-suite installed. So I've setup her an account, showed how to login in GDM, where the filemanager (Thunar) and office-suite is, and left her alone (with my holy crypto-USB-stick - she must have felt like god, as she knews, that I do not give it to ANYBODY) and drove home (fucking 430km :().
During our usual telefone calls in the evening, she told me, it's all okay, he can use my box well and I have a funny monsters game... WTF?! Monster game? Ah, wait a sec... She means Quake 3 Arena, erm, OpenArena. (Memo to the German police: Yes, we are terrorists and will kill everybody if you won't catch us ASAP!)
Fine, I thought, she found some games - have fun dear.
Last weekend, I was one more time down in Oberharmersbach and we really did play some rounds OpenArena together... Over fucking ad-hoc wifi (damn Intel card does not support AP-mode) on my two Thinkpads. And after that, my gf said, she likes Linux... OMFG!

So let's sum up:
1. my gf likes Quake
2. my gf likes Linux
3. my gf is actually able to USE Linux
4. my gf uses IRC
5. my gf is allowed to used my crypto-USB-stick

This is sooo geeky, I'll have to get her some ThinkGeek/getDigital T-Shirt...

PS: Yes, this is REALLY my SECOND blogpost today. I'm so damn 1337!


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