tuned for Debian

For quite some time I wanted to have tuned in Debian, but somehow never motivated myself to do the packaging. Two weeks ago I then finally decided to pick it up (esp. as mika and a few others were asking about it).

There was an old RFP/ITP 789592, without much progress, so I did the packing from scratch (heavy based on the Fedora package). gustavo (the owner of the ITP) also joined the effort, and shortly after the upstream release of 2.8.0 we had tuned in Debian (with a very short time in NEW, thanks ftp-masters!).

I am quite sure that the package is far from perfect yet, especially as the software is primary built for and tested on Fedora/CentOS/RHEL. So keep the bugs, suggestions and patches comming (thanks mika!).


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