RC bugs 2010/42

gregoa writes he squashed only 5 bugs in two weeks, and I think he still deserves a huge kudos too, as he squashes them for a long time now :) And while at it, kudos to everyone who does not post their stats to planet, actually find those bugs, etc etc. Thanks that we have such a community! Now to the usual list of (pseudo) squashed bugs:
  • #600782 - pyca is NOT compatible with the default python version 2.6 actually pyca IS compatible with python2.6, it just throws some DeprecationWarnings after discussion with maintainer, upstream and submitter, bug downgraded to wishlist, as pyca should be ported to the new libraries to be compatible with later python versions (2.7 is still fine according to upstream, though)
  • #600670 - libhpmud0 installs /usr/lib/libhpmud.so.0 /usr/lib/libhpmud.so.0.0.6 but sane needs /usr/lib/libhpmud.so that is in libhpmud-dev, not needed to scan shipping the .so in libhpmud0 instead of libhpmud-dev seems wrong, patch sent to make the sane backend look for libhpmud.so AND libhpmud.so.0, submitter confirms patch works as expected. NMU not uploaded yet.
  • #600530 - madplay needs rebuild, currently uninstallable due to dependency madplay installs just fine in sid, as it depends libesd-alsa0|libesd0, closed as invalid by the submitter after short discussion
  • #601070 - python-django: FTBFS in squeeze: test_correct_url_value_passes failed some tests need network connection → patch that disables these sent
  • #599523 - update-manager-gnome: wants to downgrade packages without any notice this one is old, got updates from the submitter, reproduced the bug in a VM. This is an old known bug in apt :(
  • #601186 - horde3: only shows php deprecations and a warning - no actual operational parts why does php again pollute the output with useless warnings? my approach to disable the warnings wasn't succesfull, but a patch created by sed was. However I'm not confident with it (OpenSSL anyone?) and want some more eyes to look over it.


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