RC bugs 2010/41

Another week has passed, where is Squeeze? Sadly, I did even less than the week before, but here is the log anyways:

  • #599782 - pyopencl: FTBFS: ImportError: No module named pyopencl the build process imports the just built module to generate the docs but the build-path guessing in debian/rules is broken, after some testing Jakub has posted the right snippet needed. RT has to decide whether maintainer can upload a slightly updated upstream version with the fix, or the on in the archive (with the fix too ;))
  • #598202 - update-manager-gnome: will not start this one is from the last week - neither me nor the submitter can reproduce it any longer, thus closed
  • #599523 - update-manager-gnome: wants to downgrade packages without any notice submitters pinning seems broken, waiting for a reply
That's all. Sorry, I had a busy week.


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