The Firefox Add-ons you REALLY need for Firefox 3.0

Yeah, I know, Firefox 3.0 is not yet released by Mozilla (but it soon will be, and you can help them achieving a worldrecord), but I used the betas and release candidates for a long time and like to share my experience.

Just some more words before I start: Firefox 3.0 is fucking great, so

And now to my small addon collection:

1. oldbar
Sorry, but I find the new Awesomebar just fucking ugly and way too big for my 12" screen.
oldbar makes the URL bar look like in Firefox 2.0 again (but it won't change the searching algorithm, though :/)

2. Adblock Plus
No, you can't live without a proper adblocker in todays internet and Adblock Plus is the best one.

3. Delicious Bookmarks
I do not like all those social 2.0 sites out there, but is great, and this addon will bring you all the nice stuff directly into your browser.

4. Faviconize Tab
Have a way too small screen? Or just too much tabs? Use this one to make them as small as their favicon :)

5. Flagfox
It's allways nice to know where the server is located you're connected with - now you see a small flag of that country.

6. FxIF
Looking at many photos? Wanna know which camera was used? Look in the EXIF information with FxIF without switching away from your beloved browser.

7. Google Pagerank Status
You're a SEO, aren't you? ;)

8. Googlepedia
See Wikipedia results directly in your Google search.

9. It's all text!
Annoyed by typing texts into regular webforms? Use your favorite text editor for that!

10. keyconfig
Your keyboard is made for more then just text.

11. Live HTTP Headers
Ah I see, you're a hacker, not a SEO. Now you can see all the stuff going between your browser and the server - live!

12. NoScript
The internet is for porn.. eh.. malware, exploits and such. Kill them all with NoScript!

13. Resurrect Pages
Webserver /.'ed? File not found? But the internet does not forget, search the caches NOW.

14. Tamper Data
As I said, you're a hacker - manipulate all the forms before sending them to the server.

15. URL Fixer
youporn.con? Yes, it works!

16. User Agent Switcher
Silly website wants a sucky IE? Or Windows, but you are running Linux? Just tell them you're brave (aren't you?).

17. Web Developer
CSS sometimes sucks, fix it now. And yeah, it can save even more time than just fixing CSS.

Uhm, that's all. Don't have any more plugins installed - if you do leave me a comment :)
And yeah, most of these addons are not 3.0 specific, but who cares? They still rock!


Pascal wrote on 2008-07-03 15:26:

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