Streaming OGG Vorbis to a Nokia E51

Today I discovered, that there is a beta of OggPlay for my Nokia E51 (Symbian Series 60, 3rd Generation, FeaturePack 1), which can play OGG Vorbis streams.
And it does really work!

So here is what I did to hear my Icecast stream (which is filled with data by my MPD):
1. Get the last version from - at the time of writing it is OggPlayS60V3_1_80b2.sis.
2. If you do not have an older version of OggPlay installed, you may need a skin - see the OggPlay homepage for details.
3. Send the file via Bluetooth to the phone.
4. Get the .m3u file for the stream.
5. Send the .m3u file via Bluetooth to the phone and notice it will refuse to save it :/
6. Send the .m3u file via USB to the phone.
7. Open OggPlay 1.80b2
8. Search for new files.
9. Go to "ogg_text_string_15" (that should be streams, dunno why it fails here)
10. Select your m3u and let it play.
11. Notice that it plays like shit, too many gaps.
12. Set Settings > Playback > Buffering mode to Single thread as suggested in the forums, notice that the playback did not get any better.
13. Set Settings > Playback > Buffering mode to No buffering.
14. Enjoy!

Until now I listened to a couple of Marilyn Manson and Megaherz tracks without any problems. But the phone gets a little bit warm, and I bet my battery will be low in some hours.

HAIL OpenSource
HAIL Icecast
HAIL OggPlay

\o \o/ o/ *dance*


remaster wrote on 2008-05-21 20:53:

Thanks for the tip about the beta version! This also works on my N71! Now I only need a way of controlling MPD from OggPlay ;)

Evgeni wrote on 2008-05-22 15:47:

I think there is a mpd-bemused bridge, so you could do so with bemused, but I dont know any way to control mpd via wifi (except by browsing my phpMP with a browser, but that kinda sucks).

LordGenome wrote on 2008-08-06 23:03:

How about using ncmpc in a ssh session? You can use putty for symbian to control it. Works for me

Emanuele wrote on 2009-05-03 14:14:

Hi, unfortunately doesn’t works on my E61i.

I use Coreplayer in a similar way, works like a charm.

Evgeni wrote on 2009-05-03 20:21:

Hmm, what’s happening on the E61i? I see no real reason why it should fail there, but I have no access to a E61i to try it out myself.

The problem with Coreplayer is, it’s not free and I don’t like to pay $30 for something I can get as open-source ;)

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