Gnash 0.8.2 - can I has free flash

As Miry blogs, gnash 0.8.2 (the first beta) works well with youtube and she has packages for Debian ready. Her post forced me to fetch the packages from and give gnash a try.

Yeah, youtube really works, but this is not the only flash-based service out there, so I decided to try gnash (one more time) in my daily life/work/whatever.

So here is the first shot:
Google Video - does not work - does display something, but that cannot be called working - works fine - does not work - does display about 30% of the animation - animations work, product chooser misses all images and text - makes gnash <defunct> (so "does not work") - no text, no functionality, but graphics
some flash/actionscript based games of a friend of mine load, have also text problems and different ActionScript bugs

It does not look good for gnash, but I leave it installed for now to see which pages I will visit tomorrow at work.


Zhenech wrote on 2008-03-13 23:16:

Well, after some time, i found: player does not work animations work

many other flash films with text in them work but miss the text?!

will try to debug the fonts thingy sometime soon.

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