Some thoughts about Spicebird

today I've read an announcement, that spicebird, an outlook like, open source mail client with contacts, tasks, calendar and rs management. That sounds good, so I decided to give it a try. I downloaded and configured it for my default mail account here at While trying around, I found some things, which should be improved:

  • Where the heck is the systray icon, I can minimize the app to? Don't need another app wasting my desktop space...
  • I hate HTML mails, so I want to disable them, GLOBALY! I can do that on a per-account base, but that sucks. At least I could open about:config (hey, it's Mozilla-Foo based :>) and set mail.identity.default.compose_html{' to false, but where is the button to do so from the GUI!?
  • Also don't display HTML in mails, render as plain-text, but the options is only in View > Message Body, nowhere in Preferences (what for is the Display tab then?)
  • Eh, and stop displaying those stupid bars on quoted text, I'm fine with >, so set mail.quoted_graphical to false (again, GUI!?)

I think that's all (for now) - will come back when I have multiple mail accounts, news and rss-feeds activated...


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