Hentges OpenZaurus on a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500G part 1

Yesterday I'got my sexy Sharp Zaurus and what a geek might do? I wanted to install Linux on it.
Actually, it already had Linux, but never trust things from eBay, so I decided to reinstall (or reflash...).
I've chosen Hentges' OpenZaurus ROM, because it seemed to be a bit better than the stock OZ ROM.

God had I fun reflashing it every 10 minutes. It seems the device istn't good if you use only 32MB RAM. Now I have flashed it with the 64-0 image and it is much smoother than before, but still hangs on ipkg upgrade. You need to upgrade it in stepps of 2 or 3 packages, than it works.
AND BACKUP YOUR ipkg.conf, the update of ipkg-collateral seems to kill it :/

Actually, my Zaurus won't boot, I've messed something up with the init-scripts. Will give him another try tomorrow.


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