funny spam

yes, I do collect funny spam ;) Today I will present you some spammy funny comments I got on my (wordpress-powered) blog in the last months.

  1. 2010/09/24 at 03:08 I cant believe, Facebook is currently down with a DNS failure. I guess Facebook having some issues. Businesses are reporting a near impossible 480% increase in productivity
  2. 2010/10/25 at 11:07 Not quite on topic BUT really important: Please guys, donate something for Haiti! I just came back from a trip down there and I have to say the situation is really terrible! It´s soon christmas time, so please be so kind and do something good! Thanks
  3. 2010/10/27 at 11:07 Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.
  4. 2010/11/18 at 12:26 Are you watch Sarah Palin’s TV show? I saw the trailer & wtf? -__- She’s like, “This is so much better than being in politics.” It’s like she’s doing this just because she is losser. o.O What do you think? Do you believe she can be the next american presiden? ..
  5. 2010/11/30 at 15:40 Wende im Prozeß gegen Jörg Kachelmann. Die des Publikumslieblings haben ihr Mandat niederlegt. Der Prozeß in Mannheim soll dennoch planmäßig fortgesetzt werden. Es werde keinen Antrag auf Aussetzung des Prozesses geben, fügte Rechtsanwalt Ralf Hoecker hinzu. Der neue Strafverteidiger Johann Schwenn (Hamburg) und die seit Verfahrensbeginn anwesende Pflichtverteidigerin Andrea Combé werden top vorbereitet sein, sagte er weiter.
  6. 2010/12/09 at 17:31 How I can download documents from WikiLeaks? Thanks
  7. 2010/12/10 at 10:09 Hi, you should check out It’s sort of like a crowdsourced collection of arguments against Wikileaks. Considering you’re a blogger, i think you’d find it to be an interesting read
  8. 2010/12/16 at 18:38 It appears as though Julian Assange will at least be out on bail any minute but what about Bradley Manning? Solitary confinement for seven months so far without being convicted of anything, without a trial, even. That’s bad!
  9. 2010/12/24 at 09:03 Gibt es ein Jailbreakme für Nerdomaten? Genügend Bugs sollte es im IE6 geben :D
  10. 2010/12/29 at 13:22 Der hammer bei den dingern ist aber eigentlich, dass sie nicht mit win7 laufen – sondern mit: XP!!!!!!! Das ist doch der Hammer oder? hab auch ein Beweisvideo vom Hochfahren des Teils…
  11. 2010/12/30 at 05:03 Widespread criticism of RealVNC vulnerability is fixed… A security report claimed that RealVNC software virtual network a high-risk vulnerability could allow a malicious attacker does not need a password to login to a remote system…
  12. 2011/01/05 at 18:10 is it true that it is not possible to use that sky thing with verizon?
Sorry, some are in German ;) What's so funny about them you ask? Well, the do contain actual content (even if not always matching to the posts they were attached to), they look relevant to the time they were posted and still are spam: the links in the "homepage" field of the comment led to spamsites. Numbers 9 and 10 even funnier: they are exact copies of already present comments to the same post. And oh, I think WikiLeaks should leak a cable about downloading stuff from WikiLeaks ;)


Stéphane wrote on 2011-01-22 17:07:

9 and 10 are probably a strategy from spammers: if you filter comment manually or use an automatic filter, they have a better probability you validate spam, considering it as a double post or valid comment. Bayesian filter have no opportunity to find it (except if the website link is included in the checked data).

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