Upgading forms in Plone 3

As some of you might know, I have to work with Plone quite often.
Today I had to upgrade a Plone 3.0 instance to Plone 3.1 ( actually). Not quite a big problem, push the new tarball in, run portal_migration and be ready... Not here, just after the upgrade, all our customized forms have stopped working (we had customized join_form and personalize_form heavily), the only error in event.log was:

Module plone.protect.utils, line 32, in _curried
Module plone.protect.authenticator, line 60, in check
Forbidden: Form authenticator is invalid.

Well, for all of you who will have the same problem (and for me to remember):
You have to add
<input tal:replace="structure context/@@authenticator/authenticator" />
just after
<input type="hidden" name="form.submitted" value="1" />
in your Page Template ;)

So long, and have fun with this great product :)


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