Dear SourceForge, are You crazy?

Today I wanted to login to my account after some years of inactivity.

First I got a "your password has expired" - fine, they care about good password, but mine is good enough, so lets set it back again. Nonono, if(newpass==oldpass) die(); - argh, so gave them another password. But looked once more at the text under the box: only letters and numbers please - WHAT? You force me to change my password, but don't allow me to use anything else than [A-Za-z0-9]?! Security, pft!

Then I looked at my account details, and noticed my mail-address was old (but valid), so let's change this too.
*click* everything gets darker and some seconds later a AJAX-popup opens, asking me for a new email-address. Wait a sec, AJAX? for changing ONE fucking e-mail? hey, I'm running at 600MHz and firefox^Wiceweasel is slow enough...

If this would be *chan, I'd say "FAIL!!1" >:)


Hijacker wrote on 2007-12-10 20:42:

Zhenech, the master of rants :)

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