rm -rf wordpress

A cracker has manipulated the wordpress downloads of the last days, says wordpress.org.

As I had installed wordpress for a (not yet launched) project and found some security-holes in the wordpress-pages too (only lame XSS, PoC will be released later) I've just removed the whole WP-shit (wordfress as I like to say in German) and will code something by my own. If it will be hacked THEN - I can blame myself and not some dumb noobs XD


fwolf wrote on 2007-03-05 02:39:

warum nimmst du nicht einfach S9Y oder das WP-überhol-projekt Habari?

cu, w0lf.

Zhenech wrote on 2007-03-05 09:46:

Wie gesagt, weil wenn dann was passiert, ich eindeutig weiß, wer schuld ist. Und weil es mir Spaß macht irgendwelche sinnlose Software zu schreiben ;-)

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