RC bugs 2012/29

RCBW report for 2012/29 (16.7.-22.7.)

The motto for this week was:

shut up and take my patches!

(Don't take it personally, it's just a meme :P)

  • 681583 python-blist empty package patch to properly build a python module sent
  • 681584 python-colorama missing dependency on python patch to use dh_python2 sent
  • 681678 licq Fails to start without recommends being installed commented about a possible solution, awaiting maintainer comment
  • 681379 django-celery FTBFS: building documentation fails patch to skip the building of the issuelist from github sent, uploaded by maintainer shortly afterwards
  • 681328 blockdiag FTBFS: pep8: 21 errors / 0 warnings found patch in upstream's mercurial repository, sent it to the BTS
  • 681901 datapm missing dependency on python-pkg-resources NMU uploaded with maintainer approval, filled 682053 while fixing
  • 682053 datapm FTBFS if built twice in a row NMU uploaded with maintainer approval
  • 681316 httpie missing dependency on python-pkg-resources trivial patch submitted, filled 682076 while fixing
  • 682076 httpie FTBFS if built twice in a row patch submitted
  • 663506 httpie Always bails out with "pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: requests>=0.10.4" while not RC, IMHO an important bug to fix. submitted a patch while working on 681316 and 682076
  • 682177 suitesparse libsuitesparse-dbg doesn't contain any debug information submitted a patch that fixes the issue, no intent to NMU as I cannot test the changes good enough
  • 682249 frontaccounting fails to install: SQL syntax error submitted a patch to use ENGINE=(MyISAM|InnoDB) instead of the deprecated and removed TYPE=...
  • 682354 gthumb glib errors, crash on startup tracked the problem down to too old libgtk-3, suggested tighter dependencies to be generated


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