bley is an intelligent greylisting daemon for Postfix. It uses various test (incl. RBL and SPF) to decide whether a sender should be grylisted or not, thus mostly eliminating the usual greylisting delay while still filtering most of the spam.

bley was developed dyring my bachelor's thesis at the Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf and now continues to grow as my time permits.

bley homepage


HDAPS daemon for IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads and Apple iBooks/PowerBooks. It's a disk protection user-space daemon. It monitors the acceleration values through the HDAPS or AMS interface and automatically initiates disk head parking if a fall or sliding of the laptop is detected.

hdapsd homepage


StatusNet Widget aims to provide an easy integration of your StatusNet ( and Twitter timelines into your WordPress. You can provide multiple sources (= links to your profiles at, Twitter or your own StatusNet installation), which will get fetched, merged (if you want it to do so, like when you are posting the same content to Twitter AND and displayed in your sidebar (with #hashtag, !group and @people links).

statusnet-widget at

statusnet-widget at