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v86d searching for a new home

Posted in debian, english, linux, planet-debian, software September 19, 2009

i’ve been maintaining v86d for a year, and is has to stop now.
no, not because its bad to maintain it, it’s just I’ve sold the last piece of hardware (my Thinkpad Z61m) it was useful on.
my X300 has an Intel card and KMS, my iBook does not know what 86 is ;)

Currently, the package has two bugs:
#505977 segfault
never could reproduce this one, reporter has nvidia gpu…
#525415 CFLAGS setting includes random kernel headers
this is easy to fix and I will do so in my orhpan upload (or provide a patch)

So if someone has the hardware and need of v86d, please tell me and take over the package.

PS: Christoph, do it NOW! :)

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thinkfan_0.5.0.1-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED

Posted in debian, ibm-lenovo, laptop, linux, planet-debian September 14, 2009

Yay, thinkfan just got accepted by the ftp-masters.

Now all owners of noisy fans (like on my Thinkpad X300) can control these and make them a lot nicer for daily usage.
(the package has sane defaults in thinkfan.conf, but I still decided to deactivate it in /etc/default/thinkfan because you can demage your hardware quite easily when you don’t know what you’re doing)

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Using Amazon S3 for backups under Linux

Posted in english, linux, planet-debian, software May 30, 2009

Dear Lazyweb,

Amazon’s S3 services look very interesting for doing backups, but I can’t find a perfect solution to integreate it into our current setup (using either rdiffbackup or rsnapshot).

Did anyone of you ever used it in a similar way, and if so, how?
My basic idea was:
1. mount S3 (via FUSE?)
2. mount some encrypted FS on top of it (EncFS?)
3. run rdiffbackup/rsnapshot as usual on the resulting encrypted bucket

Any suggestions on tools how to do this? Are s3fs and EncFS what I’m looking for?

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Adobe zwingt mich einen Mac zu nutzen

Posted in apple, fun, german, linux, software, windows May 14, 2009

Ich brauche grade (aus hier nicht näher erläuterten Gründen) Adobe Flash. Kaufen will ich mir das aber nicht, und ein Raubkopierer bin ich auch nicht.

Also gehe ich auf und möchte mir die Trial Version runterladen.

Punkt 1: man braucht einen Account – grml – gemacht, wozu gibt es trashmail.

Punkt 2:
English Windows: 890MB
English Mac: 1.4GB
German Windows: 1.1GB
German Mac: 1.8GB
WTF? Dass Mac und Win unterschiedlich sind: ok, aber das die Übersetzung so viel Platz braucht? Haben die alles als TIFF gespeichert oder was?
Egal denkste, nimmst das kleinste: English Windows, klick, Popup, rödel:

Redirect Loop

Iceweasel has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

German Windows? Das selbe natürlich…
English Mac? Geht…
Interessant, was lädt er da denn runter? Ahja, bei Windows eine .exe und eine .7z, bei Mac eine .dmg.

Liebes Adobe Team: fucking please with sugar on top fix your download scripts!

Jetzt muss ich das echt aufm 1.4GHz G4 mit 1.5GB RAM machen, statt aufm 2GHz CoreDuo mit 3GB *heul* (nicht dass ich Windows OSX vorziehen würde, aber die Kiste hat einfach mehr Power).

Die Welt ist so ungerecht.

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Debian Squeeze 6.0 released

Posted in english, linux, software April 1, 2009

No, sorry, just hdapsd 20090401 :P

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Posted in debian, fun, linux, software March 8, 2009

While etbe is blogging about fail memes, I must say that 70% of the Debian archive fails to build…

… well, not 70% of the WHOLE archive, just 70% of the 10 precisely selected packages that use LRMI…

Will rant on -devel@ and fill bugs later…

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Posted in fun, german, linux February 14, 2009

Ich wünsche allen frohes 1234567890.

Auch wünsche ich diesem Server schönes Lenny (habe nämlich grade upgedated) und ein hoffentlich baldiges (heute?) Release.

Und, an die, die ein RL haben: netten Valentinstag mit euren Liebsten.


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Interactive Python shell with autocompletion and stuff

Posted in english, linux, python, software January 30, 2009

This one is for KiBi:

Yes, IPython is great, it gives you a really nice shell with all the fancy stuff you want – incl. autocompletion.

Just apt-get install ipython and enjoy!

Again, thanks KiBi!

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Pimp my Mutt

Posted in debian, english, linux, software November 6, 2008

Uh, yeah, I did it :)
I patched my mutt-patched :)

You may ask why I did it, and what I did, so here we go:
I use mutt(-patched) on my Etch box to read and write mail when I’m not in front of my regular box, where I use sylpheed.
My mail is stored on an IMAP server (courier, actually it’s the same box you retrieve this website from), so I use mutt’s imap support (don’t tell me about offlineimap and stuff, I know them).
Having multiple folders on the IMAP server, you really want to use the sidebar patch for mutt, or you’ll get crazy.

But here start my problems. The sidebar patch does not understand, that IMAP often uses a dot (.) instead of a slash (/) as a delimiter between the folders.
Thus the sidebar will look like this:


Looks quite bad, especially when you have deep hierarchies. So I wrote the first patch, sidebar-dotted, which makes the sidebar look like this:


Better, huh? Oh, if you want to see this, you’ll need to set sidebar_shortpath ;)

But this is still not as good as I want it, because I get something like this:


Wonder why? I have imap_check_subscribed enabled, so I don’t have to list all the folders via mailboxes, but the server returns the subscribed folders unsorted and you see the result :(

Here I came up with the second patch, sidebar-sorted, enable it with set sidebar-sort and you get a nice folder listing as you (I) wanted.

You want the patches? Get them in the original version or better, the updated by the Debian community one.
Have fun with them, and forgive me, if mutt’s fleas will eat up your mail :)

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Dämonische Wünsche

Posted in fun, linux August 22, 2008

14:26 < Zhenech> daemon process started, pid=6666
14:26 < Zhenech> muhahaha
14:26 < Toaster> lol
14:26 <%jorey> …
14:26 <%jorey> das koenntest du auf posten :P

Dein Wunsch sei mir Befehl!

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