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Posted in english, security March 30, 2009

Or: "Why is authentication not the same as encryption"?

Danke Jens!

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Interactive Python shell with autocompletion and stuff

Posted in english, linux, python, software January 30, 2009

This one is for KiBi:

Yes, IPython is great, it gives you a really nice shell with all the fancy stuff you want – incl. autocompletion.

Just apt-get install ipython and enjoy!

Again, thanks KiBi!

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Pimp my Mutt

Posted in debian, english, linux, software November 6, 2008

Uh, yeah, I did it :)
I patched my mutt-patched :)

You may ask why I did it, and what I did, so here we go:
I use mutt(-patched) on my Etch box to read and write mail when I’m not in front of my regular box, where I use sylpheed.
My mail is stored on an IMAP server (courier, actually it’s the same box you retrieve this website from), so I use mutt’s imap support (don’t tell me about offlineimap and stuff, I know them).
Having multiple folders on the IMAP server, you really want to use the sidebar patch for mutt, or you’ll get crazy.

But here start my problems. The sidebar patch does not understand, that IMAP often uses a dot (.) instead of a slash (/) as a delimiter between the folders.
Thus the sidebar will look like this:


Looks quite bad, especially when you have deep hierarchies. So I wrote the first patch, sidebar-dotted, which makes the sidebar look like this:


Better, huh? Oh, if you want to see this, you’ll need to set sidebar_shortpath ;)

But this is still not as good as I want it, because I get something like this:


Wonder why? I have imap_check_subscribed enabled, so I don’t have to list all the folders via mailboxes, but the server returns the subscribed folders unsorted and you see the result :(

Here I came up with the second patch, sidebar-sorted, enable it with set sidebar-sort and you get a nice folder listing as you (I) wanted.

You want the patches? Get them in the original version or better, the updated by the Debian community one.
Have fun with them, and forgive me, if mutt’s fleas will eat up your mail :)

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Web 4.0

Posted in english, fun November 3, 2008

"I don’t know what Web 3.0 will look like, but Web 4.0 will be built with structural markup and <blink> tags."

via GyrosGeier

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Upgading forms in Plone 3

Posted in english, plone, software September 24, 2008

As some of you might know, I have to work with Plone quite often.
Today I had to upgrade a Plone 3.0 instance to Plone 3.1 ( actually). Not quite a big problem, push the new tarball in, run portal_migration and be ready… Not here, just after the upgrade, all our customized forms have stopped working (we had customized join_form and personalize_form heavily), the only error in event.log was:

Module plone.protect.utils, line 32, in _curried
Module plone.protect.authenticator, line 60, in check
Forbidden: Form authenticator is invalid.

Well, for all of you who will have the same problem (and for me to remember):
You have to add
<input tal:replace="structure context/@@authenticator/authenticator" />
just after
<input type="hidden" name="form.submitted" value="1" />
in your Page Template ;)

So long, and have fun with this great product :)

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The Firefox Add-ons you REALLY need for Firefox 3.0

Posted in english, linux, software, windows June 17, 2008

Yeah, I know, Firefox 3.0 is not yet released by Mozilla (but it soon will be, and you can help them achieving a worldrecord), but I used the betas and release candidates for a long time and like to share my experience.

Just some more words before I start: Firefox 3.0 is fucking great, so

And now to my small addon collection:

1. oldbar
Sorry, but I find the new Awesomebar just fucking ugly and way too big for my 12" screen.
oldbar makes the URL bar look like in Firefox 2.0 again (but it won’t change the searching algorithm, though :/)

2. Adblock Plus
No, you can’t live without a proper adblocker in todays internet and Adblock Plus is the best one.

3. Delicious Bookmarks
I do not like all those social 2.0 sites out there, but is great, and this addon will bring you all the nice stuff directly into your browser.

4. Faviconize Tab
Have a way too small screen? Or just too much tabs? Use this one to make them as small as their favicon :)

5. Flagfox
It’s allways nice to know where the server is located you’re connected with – now you see a small flag of that country.

6. FxIF
Looking at many photos? Wanna know which camera was used? Look in the EXIF information with FxIF without switching away from your beloved browser.

7. Google Pagerank Status
You’re a SEO, aren’t you? ;)

8. Googlepedia
See Wikipedia results directly in your Google search.

9. It’s all text!
Annoyed by typing texts into regular webforms? Use your favorite text editor for that!

10. keyconfig
Your keyboard is made for more then just text.

11. Live HTTP Headers
Ah I see, you’re a hacker, not a SEO. Now you can see all the stuff going between your browser and the server – live!

12. NoScript
The internet is for porn.. eh.. malware, exploits and such. Kill them all with NoScript!

13. Resurrect Pages
Webserver /.’ed? File not found? But the internet does not forget, search the caches NOW.

14. Tamper Data
As I said, you’re a hacker – manipulate all the forms before sending them to the server.

15. URL Fixer
youporn.con? Yes, it works!

16. User Agent Switcher
Silly website wants a sucky IE? Or Windows, but you are running Linux? Just tell them you’re brave (aren’t you?).

17. Web Developer
CSS sometimes sucks, fix it now. And yeah, it can save even more time than just fixing CSS.

Uhm, that’s all. Don’t have any more plugins installed – if you do leave me a comment :)
And yeah, most of these addons are not 3.0 specific, but who cares? They still rock!

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SSH Keys removed

Posted in debian, english, security May 13, 2008

Due to a weakness in OpenSSL’s randon number generator, SSH keys have been removed on Alioth, and SSH logins through public-key authentication have been disabled. The latter will be restored when some safeguards have been set up so that insecure keys are not re-installed. Please upgrade your OpenSSL libraries as per the Debian Security Advisory #1571, then ensure your keys are safe (or, preferably, generate new keys), then install them on your account management page.

Thanks :/
Will go and regenerate my SSH keys NOW.

Well, regenerated, but cannot upload to alioth:
Secure Connection Failed uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate expired on 11.05.2008 20:43.

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Streaming OGG Vorbis to a Nokia E51

Today I discovered, that there is a beta of OggPlay for my Nokia E51 (Symbian Series 60, 3rd Generation, FeaturePack 1), which can play OGG Vorbis streams.
And it does really work!

So here is what I did to hear my Icecast stream (which is filled with data by my MPD):
1. Get the last version from – at the time of writing it is OggPlayS60V3_1_80b2.sis.
2. If you do not have an older version of OggPlay installed, you may need a skin – see the OggPlay homepage for details.
3. Send the file via Bluetooth to the phone.
4. Get the .m3u file for the stream.
5. Send the .m3u file via Bluetooth to the phone and notice it will refuse to save it :/
6. Send the .m3u file via USB to the phone.
7. Open OggPlay 1.80b2
8. Search for new files.
9. Go to "ogg_text_string_15" (that should be streams, dunno why it fails here)
10. Select your m3u and let it play.
11. Notice that it plays like shit, too many gaps.
12. Set Settings > Playback > Buffering mode to Single thread as suggested in the forums, notice that the playback did not get any better.
13. Set Settings > Playback > Buffering mode to No buffering.
14. Enjoy!

Until now I listened to a couple of Marilyn Manson and Megaherz tracks without any problems. But the phone gets a little bit warm, and I bet my battery will be low in some hours.

HAIL OpenSource
HAIL Icecast
HAIL OggPlay

\o \o/ o/ *dance*

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How do you call your ThinkPad?

Posted in english, fun, ibm-lenovo, laptop, offtopic May 7, 2008

ThinkPad sounds so solid and brave, not like what I am doing with it :)
So I am interested how one could call it (still having some connection to "ThinkPad").

On the net you can find:
denkmatte (hi – anyone reading?)
denkblock (not like this cartoon)
stinkpad (even urbandictionary knows it)

Mine are called:
shinkupaddo – that what comes out if you try to "translate" ThinkPad to Japanese
chiisai – and this when you are as creative as I am and translate "small" to Japanese

And how is yours called?

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Zak McKracken – Between Time and Space – FREE DOWNLOAD

Posted in english, software April 29, 2008

You heard it!
You need it!
You get it!
Zak McKracken – Between Time and Space download here at (grab it, as long I do not need to pay my traffic :>) (and oh, I have MD5 for you: 79f6d55618c70802b2897d7dbca73abd zak2install.tar.gz)
Oh, and maybe visit

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